Ty’ra Vanadis (aka Vanadis17) is my pseudonym of choice, derived from my first name Tanya and my second name Myra and the Goddess of beauty Vanadis. I am defined by my mind, my heart as well as my passion for art. My emotions, thoughts and dreams all find expression through the words that I write. I believe that a person who has allowed himself to dream, has given himself the key to the ultimate freedom because only through ones dreams can one hope to break the barriers that lock them out of their Eden, only through dreams can one obtain wings to fly and soar to heights hitherto not reachable and only through dreams can one remove all the borders and barriers that prevent them from entering into lands not explored before. Hence my uninhibited exploration of my dreams and visions through poetry and prose because only through this can I be truly free and gain freedom from all sorts of negativity

ART, POETRY , STORY WRITING… are what make my word go round. I’m passionate about the written as well as the spoken word, to me both are equally powerful and together make a very powerful tool with which to express oneself adequately if used responsibly. Hopefully with my words I can be able to reach out to someone and provide a means of escape for the trapped, a gateway to dreams for the dreamer, a whole new world to the adventurer and healing to the hurting….

Besides this blog, I have a Facebook page Vanadis Writer’s Nook page on which I regularly upload poems written by myself and my creative partner Tatenda Richard Gwaambuka (Xavier Richard). In addition to this I write for an organization called Zimlink whose aim is to bridge the gap between Zimbabwe and the rest of the wold as well as Urban Culxure Magazine which seeks to bring the Zimbabwean Culxure to the world.