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16 years Of Heartbreak :Dealing With My Mothers Demise

Time does indeed heal all wounds. But this time is abstract. It cannot be quantified. For some healing comes easily and quickly. For some it takes a little bit more time to reach acceptance. For those like myself … it took 16 years to go through the 6 degrees of separation and finally be able to embrace acceptance.

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Ode To Florence: Live,Laugh & Love

They say that time heals all wounds. That could indeed be true. But what also rings true is the fact that although wounds might heal, they leave scars. Some of these scars do fade away with time but some stubbornly refuse to be ignored and remain a painful reminder of their fateful cause.

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The Not So Hopeless Hopeful Romantic

The hopeful romantic accepts doors to be closed and opens each new door with hope, hopeful that each bitter tear previously shed heralds the sweetness of smiles in the future to be shared. Hopeful romantics never have unrequited love because they have the courage to pursue love meant to be pursued and the heart to move on when love fails

A Prayer For Her

Dear Lord I see her day in and day out, she tries each day and each time, to be a little more like the woman on the 15' inch LCD screen and less like the woman whom you created at... Continue Reading →


MORE THAN YESTERDAYS SORROW They think I don't hear them gossip about me but I do, I feel their stares burn into my retreating back each time  that I pass them in the street on my way to and from... Continue Reading →


Shafts of the bright morning sunlight filtered through the dark brown curtains and fell onto the inert figure lying beneath the crumpled sheet. Felling the warmth of the sun's rays on her face, the young lady stirred and her eyelids... Continue Reading →

THE DEFINITION OF PERFECT- short story by Vanadis 17

Precious stood in front of her bureau looking at her reflection. Her bushy eyebrows furrowed in dislike as she took in her large lips with the protruding lower lip. Why or why she moaned for the umpteenth time did she... Continue Reading →

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