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Sunday Morning Reflections

Whilst the marjority of people cry and moan about their problems and the economic woes of this country, there are other people in this very country who are living life like nothing is wrong at all in Zimbabwe.How can they be able to do this?


Hello 22 – Goodbye 21 : Birthday Introspection

When I was in the sixth grade, I was madly deeply in love with a boy. (Please save the " you were too young lecture", I've had enough of it). Unfortunately for me though, this young boy that I was... Continue Reading →

The One Social Media Challenge I Would Readily Accept 

2016 was and is definitely the year of the "Challenges". The word challenge which prior to this year was something most people would prefer to steer clear of  was revolutionised so to say to mean something that most people were ready and willing to face without flinching. Instead of shying away from challenges as usual

5 Ways To Make Your Period Bearable

I have decided to draw up a small list for the ladies to help them in making their periods a lot more enjoyable and if that is too far-fetched then at least more bearable.

The Gentleman’s Guide To Surviving Your Woman’s Menses

So she is acting weird. Mood swing from out the blue and randomness that got you stuck in awkward moments you would rather not be a part of. Wondering what to do because clearly something has to be done to... Continue Reading →

Menstruation Matters: Most Common Period Myths

In the olden days, before science demystified periods and the biology behind this monthly phenomena, periods were thought to be caused by a mysterious ailment.

Let’s Talk About Menstruation Matters

Zimbabweans have their own pronunciation for every English word. Period. I accepted this fact when I googled the topic that I would like to talk about for the greater part of this week: menstruation and realized that my knowledge of... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons To Date A Zimbabwean Boy

When I came across the picture below on Facebook I immediately shared it to my own wall because yes Brits really have what I personally think is the most to die for accent ever. But then I realized that although... Continue Reading →

Personal Reflections On Valentines Day

Ever since I was a little girl my father always told me that I was his very own special Valentines gift because I was born on the morning of February 15 and as such ever since I was able to appreciate the significance of the day, I celebrate it with him as his own Valentine. I remember as a little girl, weeks before the big day, I would begin to make paper cards and gifts and think up clever rhymes to write in the cards I was going to make. And the when fourteen February finally came, I would hand out my carefully made gifts to my father, brothers and bosom buddies.

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