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Letter Of Recommendation

Sibusiso Ngamla Bhebhe- The Man Who Believes that Menstruation Matters

Growing up, we were taught to speak in hushed tones whenever we felt the need to discuss anything related to the female menstrual cycle, the only exception being the rare occasions when the biology curriculum dictated that we speak about it in public. What happened during "that time of the month” was a secret that only we women were allowed to know.


Tirikutonga with Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa

Forget about the punctuation marks, nowadays, the harsh tag has become the new exclamation mark. Serving to emphasize points and make bold statements about a movement or train of thought that one believes in. Harsh tags have also become a form of warfare often employed by those of our generation to perpetuate online revolutions across the world. Mcpotar has managed to create lasting harsh tags which imprint themselves in the memories ehm make that fingers of the social-media savvy followers he has managed to amass over the years.

John Art Quest:The Zimbabwean Artist Who Draws His Passion On Canvas

Whilst some serenade their beloved with heartfelt sonnets and elaborately crafted musical pieces, one man chooses to draw his passion instead, communicating his emotions through artistic sketches laid down on paper.

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