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I have failed you  I have failed me ...


Call For Poetry Colloboration

I just came across this post that I uploaded to my Facebook page over 2 years ago. The post was supposed to end up in a poem collaboration between myself and anyone else who wanted to add a line or two to the ones already contributed.

Distant Rumours To The Young

Death is the distant rumor to the young Whose horizons are still home to the sunrise And are unprepared for premature sunsets.....

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Have You Ever Been In Love?

Two months ago on the 4th of April, my Uncle was given a second chance at love when he wedded his beautiful bride Ms Valela, my new mommy at her family's beautiful farm in Kensington, Bulawayo. Their union signified hope... Continue Reading →

Dreams Of A Spoken Word Poetess

My parents must have omitted a name on my birth certificate because the way I love to try my hand at everything, I should have been called Jack. lol. So this time, I've allowed myself to take a step back... Continue Reading →

Ramblings Of A Contented Mind

It's funny how love turns one into a stalker, how it suddenly turned one into a fervent believer Who can't spend a minute, a second without clicking Just to see you smile across the screen cause you're two blocks away... Continue Reading →

A Woman’s Work

I'm up all day cooking, cleaning Preparing I Stand all day long queuing, lining Preparing I walk all day haggling, wrangling Preparing I'm busy all day hoarding, collecting Preparing But when the sun Waves goodbye It's long yellow hands waving... Continue Reading →

(great poem) the miser

Lonely is the heart of a miser Plentiful are his pockets and coffers but his is a vacuum filled heart, devoid and empty Closeted he lives Embracing the hermetic life he chose Silent witnesses of the his lonely saddened tears... Continue Reading →

Poem By Vanadis17- HOLD ME

HOLD ME   Sing to me that song Which lulled me to sleep Secure in the bosom of mine own And content in all the love that you have always shown   Whisper to me the words Of my childhood... Continue Reading →

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