I had originally intended to post this article a long time ago but the forces of nature connived against me (or maybe the forces of the technological world had more to do with this than nature). What then happened however, is that my phone decided to take a bow from the land of the living and with it the marvelous blog post that had taken root in my mind. In the subsequent excitement (or rather lack of excitement) that ensued as I watched my phone slow – motion style fall and shatter into a million pieces, I found myself rethinking the current state of affairs with regards to my dreams.

Just like my phone, my dreams had been shattered into a million pieces over the years. Instead of tiled floor though, the forces responsible for this shattering varied from circumstance to death to just plain old failure and inadequacy. Nothing that I did or didn’t do got me any closer to where I really wanted to be.

Whilst most people around me both physically and virtually seemed to have it all together – being blessed enough to have been able to identify what they love and the means to “live” those lives, I am only just beginning to really make head and tail of my strengths and weakness. The living part, however is something that I still am trying to figure out.

Maybe you dear reader belong to the first group of people that I talked about in the previous paragraph or maybe you can readily empathize more with me because we are in similar situations. If you fall in the first category then good for you (care to share how you have managed to be where you are?). But if you fall in the second category then what I want to talk about is just for you.

Living in a world short of the opportunities that one needs to catapult them to the heights they desire can be very frustrating indeed. This world full of its ups and downs and its disappointments can be too bitter a cup of tea to gulp down. The temptation to give in to the despair of failure and live an ordinary mundane life might be just a little too overpowering to resist. But what I have come to realize is that though futile our dreams might be – to dream we must. It might not seem as though we will get anywhere but with determination and focus the silver lining will indeed appear in our clouds. One day it will be you on that podium- reveling in the admiration of millions. One day it will be you heading the board of directors. One day I too will be selling millions of copies of my own books. It is possible only if we never give up. Quoting one of my favorite John Hyatt songs, you need to look into your mirror and say to your reflection “Have a little faith in me, “with the cockiness and bravado of the optimistically successful.