2016 was and is definitely the year of the “Challenges”. The word challenge which prior to this year was something most people would prefer to steer clear of  was revolutionised so to say to mean something that most people were ready and willing to face without flinching. Instead of shying away from challenges as usual, 2016 saw people creating challenges and actually inviting friends and family through tags and shares to also partake in their challenges…. 

I however,  noble though the reasons behind the invites to challenges might have been, have not accepted any challenges. At all. It could be that this post could be a rather transparent attempt at masking laziness and disinterest behind some fancy intellectual reason but just hear me out… 

Yes…challenges like the mannequin challenge which recently grabbed most people’s attention do shed light on sociatal problems in a manner that is both gripping and entertaining and challenges like the poem a day challenge motivate those of us who suffer from procrastination to be a little more motivated and desciplined with regards to our writing. 

But what does a mannequin challenge or poem a day challenge help if we can only be civil on Facebook or whatsapp but fail to connect in real life. We spend most of our time glued to our screens we fail to see through the eyes into the emotions and mental states of those around us. We have lost our empathy and in the process lives have been lost and souls have become destroyed right next to us without us even realising. 

It really would be great if we were to begin to make conscious efforts to connect with those around us and to be good to each other. If ever there is such a challenge then I definitely would readily accept it with the hopes that it will not be a craze that fades but a movement that lasts a lifetime and becomes ingrained within us.