As a follow up to my gentleman’s guide to surviving her menses, I have decided to draw up a small list for the ladies to help them in making this time a lot more enjoyable and if that is too far-fetched then at least more bearable.

  1. I thinx I have an idea

The key to unlocking your period happiness lies in finding the right band and type of sanitary wear for your flow. There are many types of sanitary wear available: cotton wool, pads, tampons and more recently the cup and Thinx period panties. Choosing the right kind of sanitary wear can go a long way in ensuring that you have a more pleasant time of the month so make sure in making the right decision for you.

  1. Keep warm

Snuggle up even in summer, keeping warm during your period reduces the cramping and hence the amount of pain that you will feed. Take long relaxing soaks in a hot tub or dab your abdomen with a hot compression for quick pain relief

  1. Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, exercise is beneficial. One should make sure they get plenty of sleep but do try exercise during your waking hours too as this can also help to ease the pain.

  1. Use natural pain remedies

Instead of relying on pills from your local pharmacy, try use natural painkillers such as ginger. These are cheaper and healthier than pills and equally as effective.

  1. Indulge yourself

This is the perfect time to treat yourself and indulge in one or two of those guilty pleasures which you shy away from on normal days. Why not take yourself shopping or stay in, spend the day off watching your favorite series. The time alone could be just what you need to detox and raise your spirits whilst that new pair of killer heels can boost your confidence not only during but also after your period.