Michael Mcpotar Mupotaringa
Michael Mcpotar invites us to rule – Tirikutonga


Forget about the punctuation marks, nowadays, the hashtag has become the new exclamation mark. Serving to emphasize points and make bold statements about a movement or train of thought that one believes in. Hashtags have also become a form of warfare often employed by those of our generation to perpetuate online revolutions across the world.

Creating hashtags has become more of a gift with only a few individuals being blessed with the ability to create hashtags that are harsh enough to hush the world and make a lasting impression. The majority of the population (myself included) being a complete and utter failure to such an extent that early retirement from the activity was more or less a Godsend. Now I am not an expert on hashtags and the science behind how to create one which will trend and outlast its five minutes of fame. However as always, I do have an opinion on why I think that Mcpotar has managed to create lasting hashtags which imprint themselves in the memories – ehm make that fingers of the social-media savvy followers he has managed to amass over the years.

Before I go any further into the gist of this post (mainly for the benefit of that 1% of the world’s population that might not know who Mcpotar is) I will start of by highlighting just a little bit about who we are “ruling with”. Creating hashtags could actually be considered just a minute example of the creative brilliance that Michael Mupotaringa aka Mcpotar has become renowned for in the Zimbabwean Hip-Hop world. Starting his career in the Northend neighbourhood of Bulawayo as a lyricist and rapper with the likes of Masimba Navyseal, Macduff, Kudzai “Jazzit” Masaire, Ernie Mackina to name but a few, he graced the Dadayan stage and worked on his art. Over the years however his repertoire has expanded to include motivational speaking, animation, blogging and most recently a Hip Hop show called Zangooma which is a collaboration between him and Quence Motion with the main hosts being Mcpotar along with Tadiwa Chimbodza and Sharky. It is quite clear that while “most of you were sleeping” Mcpotar has been hard at work creating memorable art work and more can be expected from him in the years to come.


Now back to the harsh tags…

First came provokatif, the oh so provocative hashtag that came as the exclamation mark after Mcpotar had dropped puns heavy with thinly veiled open- truths in his signature blunt manner. Provokatif was a success on all social platforms and became something that most people looked forward to reading- although it well Provoked quite a number of people and ruffled a few sensitive feathers. After provokatif, Mcpotar started 2014 ruling and invited us to wear the crown with him… giving rise to Tirikutonga, complete with custom made JPEGs which friends and followers alike could use as a profile picture. Tirikutonga was more than just a hashtag but a phase… an age. An age in Zimbabwean hip-hop in which Mcpotar became a game changer, finally obtaining recognition ( NAMA award) for years of hard work and being recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Hear hear, don’t be fooled, all of us who embraced and pushed the tirikutonga hashtag were fully aware that in all reality, Mcpotar was the king. But we embraced the hashtag more easily than we would have done had, Mcpotar coined a Ndirikutonga hashtag. You see what tirikutonga did was not only empower its creator, but everybody who had an interest in him both as a musician and as an individual. One felt they too had a place on the throne as they punched in the words on their keyboards. To say the least, the experience was very much emancipating making us feel as cocky as peacocks because we too realized that we were in our own capacities Kings and Queens ( well for some of us the epiphany occurred way back – pun intended). Now looking at this, it’s quite clear that art not only is for the artist but all those who will be exposed to the art created by that artist. It has to be all inclusive and resonate with those who come across it… striking a familiar chord within the following that will propel individuals to push the art without the artist himself even exerting any pressure on them to do so. And so in as much as this post focuses on the hashtags, it goes behind this trend to all types of art work that one might be inspired to work on… Seeing that I have said all that I wanted to say, it suffices to say … Michael Mcpotar Mupotaringa has been recommended!