When I came across the picture below on Facebook I immediately shared it to my own wall because yes Brits really have what I personally think is the most to die for accent ever.


But then I realized that although British boys did have a killer accent, they definitely aren’t cuter than our boys down here in Zimbabwe. That epiphany led me to compile my own 7 reasons why one should date our Zim brothers:

1,3,7 & 5

I’ve always been a fan of dark chocolate – I can’t seem to get enough of it. Having said that I don’t think I need to say much… unless maybe you would prefer I post one or two pics of this dark chocolate that I speak of?

2.His work ethic

It’s an open secret that Zim men and women take the lead when it comes to great work ethic. Zimbos pride themselves in their ability to never shy away from hardwork and as a result of this we are very enterprising. Those who survived the economic recession of years past can gladly attest to this.

4. He calls you using your totem

Ini ndiri muyeraMoyo ( My totem is Moyo). I might be a modern woman who is up to date with the latest trends but believe me you I still know my culture and value it immensely. Yes, call me sweetheart, pumpkin, babe and any other similar name but the man truly after my own heart would call me MaMoyo 😉

6.His ambition

Ours are very ambitious men who in most cases refuse to live extraordinary lives and shine wherever they go. Prominent examples include telecomms tycoon Strive Masiiwa who is dominating his chosen industry, Audius Mutawarira whos name has become synonymous with memorable audio treats and Decibel who makes amazing musical sentences and melodies.

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