Sometimes it’s not that we don’ t get opportunities but sometimes it’s just that we are too BIG for those opportunities. We are so caught up in ourselves, our importance, the fame that we amassed that we are oblivious to the opportunities that are before us and the offers that other “less” important people might have to offer us.

In this day and age where people are good at multitasking and one person can assume different roles and personalities simultaneously, you can never be too sure what someone really has to offer you until you give them a chance.

You might be struggling to get a job at a certain place not knowing that your son’s teacher is actually a director at that firm and only teaches because of the passion she habours and not because she really needs a job.

You might be in need of a great and affordable photographer to help you compile your modelling portfolio yet your lodger is a rising photographer who is looking to market himself through doing shoots for free.

You might be looking for something that you already have amongst your pool of associates and acquaintances. Remember its not everyone who is pompous. It’s not everyone who will go around telling people- I own businesses around Zimbabwe or I am well connected or I have amazing skills etc so you need to develop good people skills so that you will not miss the important people that God has put in your life simply because they do not look the part, or act the part or talk the part…

….Remember, non of the members in Joshua’s army ever thought God would use a prostitute to help them conquer over Jericho.
…. Noone ever thought the Messiah would be birthed by simple Mary and her carpenter husband.
….noone ever thought Goliath would be defeated by a boy sherperd when the skilled ARMY had failed to do so….