poetritis nirvana


Old, haggard and dry like the Savannah
It’s hard to imagine that once upon a time
These were the arms that held another
Tenderly, polishing hearts to shine brighter than a dime
Each time promising an eternal embrace called forever

Yet another morning
Looking in the mirror
To remove these unwanted hairs.
I could scrape for hours
Yet my wrinkly skin would remain.
Oh! Why doesn’t the mirror reflect your heart

My heart unnoticed to a glare,
Bold looks, a flare of insomniac convulsions,
As I recollect a stare of myself
How old I’ve become
As time takes its toll I shave,
I am leather, a soul unchanged undone

Why associate beauty and retrospect to a plane surface
That isn’t your duplicate nor the shape of your face
You reflect all that I look like with no emotion
You don’t absorb anything, just mere visual…

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