Ever since I was a little girl my father always told me that I was his very own special Valentines gift because I was born on the morning of February 15 and as such ever since I was able to appreciate the significance of the day, I celebrate it with him as his own Valentine. I remember as a little girl, weeks before the big day, I would begin to make paper cards and gifts and think up clever rhymes to write in the cards I was going to make. And the when fourteen February finally came, I would hand out my carefully made gifts to my father, brothers and bosom buddies.

Now at nineteen, a day before my birthday, I haven’t handed out cards or made anyone any paper gifts. I haven’t been whisked away to some secret destination where I was wined and dined by my beloved. No flowers or perfumes have been delivered to me by some elusive Romeo. Instead I’ve spent my whole day at work, working in lieu with thoughtful boyfriends and husbands, running around to make sure that their ladies fantasies materialize on this beautiful day. I’ve been the recipient of images, calls and texts from close friends gushing about their day and how exciting it has been for them. But despite all this activity or rather the lack of activity in my life this Valentine ’s Day, this day has actually managed to be a lot more rewarding than most.
Happiness has come to me through the most unexpected of ways…

Thanks to modern technology in the form of Skype I was able to make video calls to people which left heart bursting with warmth and happiness. My first call was made out to the UK to my cousins’ wife whom I’ve never met or spoken to ever since she came into the family. And so for the first time ever I spoke to her and to her three little angels. The highlight of that phone call was when her youngest girl kissed me through the phone. That gesture right there touched me to the core. So simple and yet so amazing. It didn’t matter to her young soul that I was a relative stranger to her or that she hadn’t spoken to me for more than a few seconds – all that mattered the most to her at that moment was giving someone a kiss. And fortunately for me, that someone was me.

The second and final call I made was to my eighty four year old maternal grandmother whom I only managed to talk to for less than four minutes due to the very bad network connections. But it was beautiful all the same. It felt good to talk to the one person here on earth whose love is unconditional and on whom I can always depend on no matter what.

Now as I count the hours till my twentieth birthday, I couldn’t be happier. The surprise delivery of a beautiful birthday cake from close family friends makes the wait even harder! Never have I felt so pampered before and never has a birthday been awaited on so expectantly by me since my fifth birthday … lol… but to be honest I feel so much like a little girl. I really can’t wait but alas I have no control over time and I have to patiently bear with the extremely slow passage of time.

Today has been an absolute blessing and I hope that tonight as you lay down to sleep, you dear reader will share the same sentiments as I and agree that today has indeed been a very Happy Valentines’ Day.