My parents must have omitted a name on my birth certificate because the way I love to try my hand at everything, I should have been called Jack. lol. So this time, I’ve allowed myself to take a step back from backstage and take to the podium myself by videoing myself as I recite my own poetry in what I hope is Spoken Word but which I’m afraid is still a long way away from deserving that name but anyhow it is what it is. The video is already up on YouTube, readily and freely available to anyone who wants to watch it.

Now on a more serious note, I have always wanted to upload videos on YouTube of me doing what I love best, reciting the poetry that i have written myself but I’ve never had the backbone to do it because of so many reasons. Some of them being the fact that I’ve always been told that my voice comes off as too powerful/ forceful,that my accent is just not good enough (the implication being that I don’t speak like I’m five minutes from midnight) and that my gestures are way off course.

But now due to various circumstances I’m here, willing to bear the criticism and all, if not for me, for those few people who actually think that my poetry is worth two minutes of that time. And surprisingly, so far so good, it seems there are a lot more people like that than I Thought possible. And because of that I think I’ll keep on at it.

So if you are also interested in joining me on this journey, you can click here or play the video below to watch the video for yourself. Any constructive criticism, help, comments or advice are all very much welcome…