The full moon came back today. Came back. Funny way to put it right? Well that’s Ty’ra for you right there. Well the moon is back again. Shining through my window and I’m suddenly back where I was when it last shone down on me. There’s a world of difference now – between then and now. The most noticeable being that I had my heart with me then, but today my heart is elsewhere maybe gazing up at another face of this very same moon that I’m gazing up at… maybe it is… maybe it’s not but it’s all the same either way. Never again will I look at the moon and not remember the birth of that one dream and so many other dreams that held so much hope but whose existence ceased to be when the names on the blueprint changed. I’m rambling again. I’ve been told that I have an uncanny knack at doing that – unfortunately it seems I say a lot of gibberish big words and long sentences that all amount to nothing. what the heck right? Who cares? How much I’d love to say no-one, but unfortunately there’s no easy escape for me… the facts have to be faced one way or the other.


I think I should stop now before I truly go down the rabbit hole and drag you down with me.

This post was originally supposed to be about my YOUTUBE channel but I think I’ve gone sufficiently off topic for today to warrant it having its’ own separate post….