This was a collobration between Spekktrumn and I …. not the first and definitely not the last…. Read and enjoy…

Life Thru Sp3kktaclz

Motivated by the burning ashes

And broken visions

Of the love affairs that only robbed

And never gave

And which once sprouted like perennials

With the sweet promise of forever

Only to end up withering

Leaving me with only bitter memories of what once was

And never can be

A song from within took root

Blossomed and reached out to the future

With it’s penned message


I wanted to be untainted

But now my soul is full of scars love painted

Once bitten twice shy

Left with these scars when the wounds dry

Not easy to see when you’re that side of these eyes

What love is when it dies

Make-up concealing the blemishes inside

I pray for hope that you exist somewhere

But hurry while what remains of me is still here

Hurry and come along

Before life sucks out the will in me

Before all I have…

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