Lonely is the heart of a miser
Plentiful are his pockets and coffers
but his is a vacuum filled heart, devoid and empty
Closeted he lives
Embracing the hermetic life he chose
Silent witnesses of the his lonely saddened tears

Like rivers in him flow tears
Gripped by a yearning to be free of being a miser
But no one understands because by himself he chose
For Human company he traded for richer coffers
So now solitary he lives
With nothing to fill an existence so empty

Give a description of something more empty
That might comfort and dry his tears
Give him hope to resuscitate some of his lives
And transform him from being a miser
Into another being whom he should have chose
And whose wealth lies elsewhere and not in coffers

Gold, silver and bronze exist not in these coffers
However they overflow and stand not empty
For they are in the heart filled by what it chose
Which leads either to happiness or tears
Accompaniment or the solitude of a miser
And either fulfilment or regret about how he lives

His heart is dead, it no longer lives
It lies lifeless unlike his coffers
And lonely like the arms of a miser
It cannot be filled, it is forever empty
Drowning in never-ending tears
Which it is adamant it never chose

Yes. writing a sestina it chose
Trying to be reconciled with how it lives
But nothing can quench its tears
Or fill the yearning chambers and gaping coffers
With something more meaningful than empty
And less redundant than the selfishness of a miser

Now tell me, how come tears and not gold are more plentiful in his coffers?
How can empty befriend a miser
When he chose selfishness to ensure forever his wealth lives?