Usually I attempt to be as neutral as possible when I write and I tend to shy away from controversial topics, However today I’ve been having an urge to write something about the controversy surrounding modern music and religion.

Am I religious? Yes I am. Do I listen to modern music? Yes I do. Do I Enjoy these genres? Definitely! However as open as I am to different ways of self-expression and as appreciative as I am of good music, good rappers and good singers, I’m not blind to the negatives of the music industry. Hence my full support of the ministries  whose aim is to garner awareness of these shortfalls in the industry.

This now brings me to the reason why I am writing this article. Most of my friends and close associates have recently taken to downloading or buying documentaries which seek to prove that certain musicians and genres are anti Christ. Most of their time is now either spent surfing the Internet for more damning evidence and proof to support this theory or to minister to those of us who have not yet joined in the cause. Their enthusiasm and devotion to this cause is really impressive and I admire their tenacity in the face of blatant rebuttal, however I do disagree with them on two aspects which I do intend to elaborate on.

Firstly I disagree with the fact that no matter how busy a person is, he or she will definitely find time to listen to pastor so and so talking at great lengths about the shortfalls of some guy in a music video yet that very same person has shortfall themselves that they themselves need to work on. I’m not saying that people should not listen to the advice of spiritual leaders, all I a simply saying is that as we listen to this we should not forget that we ourselves are not perfect. In addition it totally annoys me to find a person glued to their computer screen watching and reading all these documentaries about the evil world yet fail to attend one or two church services every Sunday. I mean how can someone be able to walk to the library or bookstore every day or two to find literature on this subject but still fail to spare a moment or two to indulge in the less energy requiring action of reading the bible that is on display on the dining room table? The presence of evil in the world is something that we all know, a fact which we can’t refute and its either you are a part of it or you are not and if you are not then you have to do something about it. Constantly reading about it doesn’t help you neither will it be good for you because it will eventually lead to paranoia and cynicism and many other negative psychological problems. It’s rather like a person living in a war-torn country, who constantly watches at the fringes of the battlefield, torturing himself and worrying about the situation. If the person really was so concerned then he would have taken a helmet and weaponry and joined the battle! So instead of idling around and wasting time, people should start doing something positive and in this context it is reading religious text, praying, fasting and listening to the type of music which they find to be more appropriate.

Secondly, I have to say that if Kaguvi, Nehanda and Rosa Parks were as lazy as we are then we would still be in chains today. I don’t understand how a perfectly fit human being who possesses all the bodily functions can honestly sit around and WAIT for someone else to do the dirty work for them whilst all they do is just sit and  wait They wait for someone else to do the research, compile the evidence and facts, type them up or record them and then all they do is take a stroll to the vendors at Haddon and Sly and pay a dollar to view someone else’s hard work. If you have five senses like I do then I guarantee you that you too could reach the same conclusion as that guy in the video if you choose to put your intelligence to use. But alas it seems no-one is quite ready to do that yet…

Let’s visit history for a while in-order  for all of us to be on the same page….

Rosa Parks was a woman on a mission, just like every colored woman she wanted change, but unlike the others she did not wait for change to come. What did she do? She sat down and refused to stand up! She acted! Martin Luther King also shared the same ambition as this lady, he too could have simply taken a backseat and watched the action from the fringes of the crowd. But what did he choose to do in the end? He chose to fight the battle instead, so he got up and talked about his cause. He acted and talked in order for change to occur. Another good example is of Joyce Meyer, she was hurt and victimized at an early age. She could have waited for someone to wipe away her tears and make everything alright for her. But what did she do instead? She got up and took action. She chose to use preaching, writing and recording as her tool to make a difference!

Does it make sense? I hope it does. So now back to my subject, if someone is really eager to make a change in terms of the music they listen to and get their facts right. They need to stop relying on someone else to do their dirty work for them but they themselves have to become more involved. It doesn’t need a PhD for someone to take a few minutes to sit down, watch a certain video, listen to the lyrics and figure out what message an artist is trying to convey. Is he talking about women in a derogatory manner? Is he promoting violence and rape? Is he saying that I should have unprotected sex? etc… Then having done this one can be able to make a decision as to whether or not they are going to listen to that artist’s new track coming out in the summer or not. It’s as simple as that… there really is no need to sit around and wait for someone else to think for you because you too have the ability to analyze scripture and make your own conclusion and decision…

Yes I know that this article was exceptionally long and I know that you might have skipped a paragraph or two but I hope that irregardless of this, the article was beneficial to you in some way and to those that I might have offended, my apologies but I really had to say this….