Somedays I wake up and wonder why I’m even alive, lay still and look at my ceiling bemoaning the drudgery of life and wishing that I were someone else living elsewhere and leading a different life. But after a few minutes I have to push back the covers, climb out of bed and face my reality…
Sometimes I’m driven to maddening anger towards those around me. I curse the geographical location of my birth and convince myself to believe that family is indeed an accident at birth but just a few minutes later I find myself laughing at a joke my brother has cracked, I see myself fussing like a mother hen around my nephew, making sure he eats all his veggies, I observe myself worried about my fathers sugar levels and making sure that he sticks to his diet and has his beloved cup of coffee after every meal …
At times I need some time alone from my friends. I find their endless chatter and peculiarities unbearably irritating and I long to shut them out of my present. But as soon as these thoughts are thought they fly out of my head and I find myself oddly missing them, I see myself reaching for my phone so that I can text them the latest news, I observe myself smiling foolishly at their silly jokes….

Such is life,  it comes with its ups and downs, Happy days and sad times but no-matter the situation somehow everything comes together in the end… no-matter how trying the experiences, Happy moments are still made… no-matter how infuriating those around us are, the most precious moments with them we spend….

Forget about yesterday and its past offences
Forget about tomorrow and its impending worries
And live today as it is, as it comes….

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