Precious stood in front of her bureau looking at her reflection. Her bushy eyebrows furrowed in dislike as she took in her large lips with the protruding lower lip. Why or why she moaned for the umpteenth time did she have to have such big lips? Shrugging her shoulders in resignation since there was nothing she could do to change them, she opted to focus on something else about her appearance that she could change. She picked up the pair of tweezers in her pink makeup bag and deftly began to pick at the dark hairs forming an arc above her large black eyes until they were a barely visible line. Then she proceeded to pat her face with powder until her skin was a shade lighter and smoother than usual. After doing this she then touched her eyebrows and eyelids with a matching dark eyeliner and put a dab of red lipstick on her lips.
Stepping back from the mirror she looked at herself once again, making sure that everything was perfect. Her spirits soared as she took in her transformation, excitedly she twirled round and round and her knee-length dress rose up in a cloud of white around her before she finally stopped and daintily walked to the door. Too bad there was nothing she could do about her lips though she thought as she closed the door softly behind her…

Josh decelerated and parked his car under a huge mimosa tree situated in an isolated neighborhood and turned to look at the young lady seated beside him in the cars’ passenger seat. For a moment he’s speech faculties deserted him as he was lost in the beauty of her pitch black almond eyes. They said that nothing and nobody was perfect but Josh believed that right before him was perfection at its best.                                                   Seated besides Josh, Precious fidgeted nervously in her seat, wondering what he saw. Was something wrong with her makeup or maybe it was her hair. But she was certain that she had done herself up to the best of her ability. Or maybe she thought, maybe he didn’t like the way she had styled her hair today, why hadn’t she styled it in that way he loved so? That style which he always claimed to like? Her mind flew off to another possibility, maybe he didn’t like the shade of her lipstick? ” Why did you have to put on that particular shade when you know it doesn’t suit you?” she rebuked herself mentally simultaneously smiling sweetly back at her boyfriend.

“Why are you so uncomfortable Pr?” he suddenly asked in his soft gentle alto voice.

Startled Precious stammered out a response ” What do you mean Josh?”

“You just seem so unsettled… am I making you uncomfortable?” he asked gently placing a comforting hand on her shoulder/

“No.. no..” Precious replied.

” I’m sorry babes… ” he’s voice faltered for a second as he paused to look deep into her eyes, ” it’s just that every time I look into your eyes, every time that I look at you I’m mesmerized by what I see. Your beauty to be frank honey, blows me each time that I look at you and I cannot help but stare. At times when I think of you I wonder why I was so blessed to have as my girl. I really don’t deserve you… look at me… and look at you…. you are so perfect and I’m just a boring ordinary dude, ” quietly Precious listened to this heartfelt confession and wondered if she was not dreaming.

“Babes, I really mean what I’m saying I love each and every part of you. I love your eyes, your hair, your teeth, your lips, your nose, your everything. To me you are as close to perfect as anything or anyone can be. When I think of perfection, I think of you, you are my definition of perfect and I love you just the way you are. I don’t care about your make-up, dress your hair in whatever way and I wont care, put on whatever shade of color on your lips and it still wont make a difference to me because I love you just the way you are, “gently he squeezed her hands softly before tenderly drawing her into his arms and kissing her forehead.

“Honey… I don’t know what to say, ” she whispered against his chest.

“You don’t have to say anything babes, there’s nothing to say. I’ve wanted to tell you this a long time ago but it never was the right time, ” He pulled her closer to him and allowed the silence to overcome them. Silent tears fell down Precious cheeks as the words that Josh had said filled her heart and healed the wounds opened by her insecurities like a soothing balm There really was nothing more to say was there? No more need to worry and think about imperfections that were not there because he loved her just the way she was and with this knowledge she knew that she would too…..