There were two lads called Pessi and Percy, these two young men were the best of friends and coincidentally their lives were almost identical. as fate would have it, the time came for these young men to enroll at a prestigious academy of education to do their higher education.
as Percy stood at the gates of the school and looked up at the majestic buildings before him, all he saw was magnificence. hes eyes reflected the brilliance of the academy and in his mind all he thought of the endless possibilities and opportunities that would be available to him as soon as he stepped inside the campus gates…
Pessi on the other hand looked up and saw only shabby buildings which badly required a fresh coat of paint. Hes heart immediately fell to the lowest depths of his chest and he felt dismal. before him the days stretched endlessly ahead of him and he wondered how he would be able to survive the years ahead without having made an attempt at running away. in his mind all sorts of negative thoughts swirled around, and all his zest for life immediately vanished. with a very heavy heart he took a step forward and shuddered in despair as the metal gates banged shut behind him…
as the years passed by the two young men drifted apart as their lives followed different paths and shaped them into different individuals, their characters and interests having been molded differently by their different reactions to the circumstances in their lives. 
one day almost half a century later, a heavily guarded old man stood in the lobby of a prestigious hotel in America, surrounded by a large crowd of adoring fans. Patiently he paused to smile and wave at the clamoring crowds as he gave exclusive interviews to the news crews vying for his attention. suddenly there was a commotion at the end of the room where a haggard and filthy man was attempting to break free of the guards and reach the old man. desperately he struggled in the vice like grips of the big men in a futile attempt to break free. as he silently observed this struggle, the old man scrutinized the strangers face and to his amazement he found that there was something familiar about the man.
” Please stop, ” he commanded and immediately the guards released their hold on the man and pushed him towards the red carpet. when the two men finally stood facing each other a silence ensued in which not a sound was heard, finally the old man asked….
“Don’t i know you from somewhere?”
“I believe you do, sir, its me…” he paused, ” its me Pessi ,”
” Pessi… Pessimistic?” the old man asked in amazement
“Perseverance, its me, ” joyously the two men embraced but their reunion was cut short as the two men had to go their separate ways.
Sadly, Pessi watched as Percy walked away from him surrounded by his entourage, knowing full well that this was probably the last time he would see his friend… You see Percy was now a world-renowned CEO of a multinational company whilst Pessi was just a mere vagabond on the streets of New York… Due to the choices that they had made their lives had taken totally different routes, totally different roads which would never intersect and that could never be reconciled.

Reader, you can choose today to be either Pessimistic or Perseverance, the choice is yours. It’s up to you to decide what course your life will take, no one else can make the choice for you. It’s up to you to be positive and ensue that you react positively to the circumstances in your life,if you fall today, it’s up to you to either stay down or rise up and try again. No-matter how dire your situation is, there is a solution and that solution can only be found if you allow yourself to look beyond the problem and see the hidden possibilities and options.
Being Pessimistic is the easier choice that anyone can take but today, i challenge you to be unique and take the harder choice, be Perseverance and see how much better everything will be if you try try again even when all you want to do is give in to failure and give up….. 

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