Have you seen a light so surreal
In the eyes of a mortal?
Have you seen the elixir of life
Burn so deeply within the bosom of an individual?

Have you felt the flutter-rings of a lonely heart
Through the mirrored images from another’s pen?
Have you seen the boldness of a woman scorned
As seen by the heart of a guilt ridden man?

Have you entered worlds unknown
Through the door revealed in a writers’ fantasy?
Tell me have you discovered wonders
Just by embarking on a Goddess’ odyssey?

Come then all you eager readers
Flip through these pages
And partake in this lovely feast

Come all you heroes
Click the tabs
And slay all the proverbial dragons

Come all you hopeless romantics
Follow the links
And lose yourselves in tenderness

Come follow the goddess
Let her love fill you with happiness
And let her beauty remove the taint of the worlds ugliness
Come enter into the world of Lady Vanadis!