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16 years Of Heartbreak :Dealing With My Mothers Demise

Time does indeed heal all wounds. But this time is abstract. It cannot be quantified. For some healing comes easily and quickly. For some it takes a little bit more time to reach acceptance. For those like myself … it took 16 years to go through the 6 degrees of separation and finally be able to embrace acceptance.

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Laugh Yourself to Better

Laughter, as they say is the best medicine. And the nice part about this is that it doesnt need a doctors signature neither is it purchased.

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Ode To Florence: Live,Laugh & Love

They say that time heals all wounds. That could indeed be true. But what also rings true is the fact that although wounds might heal, they leave scars. Some of these scars do fade away with time but some stubbornly refuse to be ignored and remain a painful reminder of their fateful cause.

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Distant Rumours To The Young

Death is the distant rumor to the young Whose horizons are still home to the sunrise And are unprepared for premature sunsets.....

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Portrait Of The Ideal Man (I’m looking for a real man)

I'm on a search, well a man hunt basically... I'm looking for the man who used to be but now isn't.Help me to find the man who stayed true... the man who was real.

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A poem inspired by the super powers love evokes within us...

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Bhekusiko Bhebhe – Zimbabwean Motivational Speaker

Every Friday, I will feature one friend on my timeline. I will introduce them to you, tell you about their passions/grind/business in the hopes that if you ever need a service/product that they offer, then you will call them up! My first recommendation or highlight is Bhekusiko Bhebhe. My neighbour, my friend

My One Night With Complete Strangers

A little over a month ago, I spent one night with a group of strangers. It's definitely not something that I am in the habit of doing, and it's not something that I would have thought I would do. But now that I have done it, I am absolutely ready for night two!


Sunday Morning Reflections

Whilst the marjority of people cry and moan about their problems and the economic woes of this country, there are other people in this very country who are living life like nothing is wrong at all in Zimbabwe.How can they be able to do this?

Shannel and Nickson’s Fairytale Wedding

Source: Shannel and Nickson’s Fairytale Wedding

Maintain Your High Standards – Chiedza “Blacperl” Maswera

There are always other methods one can use to find a solution to their problems without having to sacrifice ones beliefs and principles. Believe me you, this extends to other principles and beliefs one might have – religious and cultural... Continue Reading →

​5  Zimbabwean Make-up Artists Who Will Make You Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

One of the primary concerns of any bride on her wedding is her appearance. Her dress, shoes, hair have to be perfect and of course her make up has to match too. We look at 5  Zimbabwean Makeup arti… Source:... Continue Reading →

Anna T Gowera and Cleophas Matinharis Modern Wedding

Anna and Cleos lovestory is one taken straight from the scripts of Hollywood romantic blockbusters, the only difference being that these two lovebirds are living their fairytale making sure that forever becomes a reality Source: Anna T Gowera and Cleophas... Continue Reading →

​Rudo Wuragu and Gamaliel Madindis Bush Themed African Bush Wedding

Read my latest blog post on Wedding Expos Africa. In the post I talk to the talented Rudo Wuragu Madindi to find out more about her wedding and how she managed to execute the perfect Bush Themed African Wedding. Source:... Continue Reading →

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